Coppell Garage Door Repair

Commercial owners as well as residential owners in Coppell Texas who are in need assistance in installing or repairing a loading dock door, a residential gate or a garage door will find quality options and excellent service here. Technicians can provide the professional assistance that is necessary. With more than 10 of service in the area, we are the right company for the job.

Coppell, TX Residential Services:

Garage Door Installation

To many, installing a garage door is a hassle with the many details that need to be done. Certified technicians have the experience and expertise that is necessary to install a garage door in an appropriate amount of time. They have the tools to make the installation brief and double-check the system to ensure that the garage door installation is working well.

Garage Door Repair

When a garage door is not working efficiently in Coppell Texas, there can be a number of reasons for this. The garage door opener may need to be serviced or replaced, it could be that the door is jammed and does not go up or down or perhaps the coils are not working effectively. Whatever the problem is, experienced technicians will stop over and take a look at the situation. In addition to this, service trucks have the tools and parts that are needed to make it the repair process go quickly.

Residential Gate Repair

If a gated community has residential gate repair problems, then contact this company and technicians will take care of the situation. Technicians from our company have received extensive training in this area and are available for emergency calls as well. When a technician arrives on the scene, a thorough inspection of the system will take place to find what needs to be done. After the gate has been assessed, the associate will give an estimate on work that can be done. Once the work has been agreed upon, the repairs will be enacted upon. Experienced associates are knowledgeable with the major brands of residential gates and will take care of the gate problems that people in Coppell are experiencing. When is the case, replacement parts will be used to ensure that the gate will be back in working order.

Fence Repair & Replacement

Did you know that All Pro Door is also a qualified fence repair contractor? We specialize in both wood and wrought iron fences. We can repair sections of broken or dingy fences, or we can replace them altogether. Schedule service with us today to see how gorgeous we can make your fence look again!

Coppell, TX Commercial Services:

Commercial Entry and Dock Door Installation

Although some might consider commercial entry and dock door installation to be a complicated and long process, we have trained technicians that can handle this process very easily. Our technicians have spent many years in this service and know exactly when to install spring, cables and other parts to ensure that everything works efficiently. The fast work that is provided enables a company to resume business quickly.

Commercial Entry and Dock Door Repair

When an entry and dock door is not working correctly, contact us and technicians will take care of the repair work. The commercial entry and dock door repair can be quite brief and requires a quick replacement of a spring or a roller. Other times, part of a sectional of the door needs to be replaced. Either way, technicians will address the problem and will take care of any complications that arrive.

As a local company in Coppell that serves residents and businesses, we are on call at all times of the day and night to assist people. The work that technicians do is professional and it gets accomplished in a timely manner. When in need, contact us today.