Irving Garage Door Repair

Irving, Texas continues to be a thriving community for both residents and businesses, yet those with garages aren’t immune to problems that can crop up along the way. That’s why having a trusted source for any Irving garage door repair can be invaluable in being able to offer some peace of mind.

Required Fixes

Weather issues, damage from another source or simple wear-and-tear from daily usage, are common reasons for these types of repairs. These issues can also develop with commercial doors, which means that those businesses wanting to protect themselves or escape the summer heat or stormy conditions can’t afford to put off Irving commercial door repair.

That’s why having All Pro Door Repair is important. We’ve been a fixture in the North Dallas area since 2001, primarily due to having an experienced staff that knows what to do when an Irving overhead door repair, or any other type of garage door fixes, are required.

DIY is a No-Go

When residents of Irving try to save some money by handling these concerns on their own, they can create problems the size of Texas in regard to safety. That’s because an Irving garage door repair may involve adjusting or replacing high-tension springs. One wrong move can end up severely injuring or even killing that person.

Some major tragedy could also develop if Irving overhead door repair is put off or ignored. That’s because when this heavy door is opened, it’s resting above anyone standing underneath. Any malfunction or breakdown can send it crashing down, potentially crushing any unfortunate person who happens to be standing below.

It’s the same story when an Irving commercial door repair job begins, though detecting the problem might be a difficult task. The door’s track might be damaged or the photo eye might be out of alignment.

Tackling the Task

All Pro’s versatility is such that it can handle both installation and repair of garage, commercial, and overhead doors. Plus, the 24-hour Irving commercial door repair service that’s available helps in keeping open those businesses that simply can’t afford to either shut down or leave themselves exposed from a security perspective. An Irving overhead door repair is equally efficient.

So whether your particular issue involves an overhead or commercial door, or it’s a pressing Irving garage door repair that’s required, contact the professionals at All Pro Door Repair. We’re proud to serve Irving, Texas consumers and are ready to help.