Warehouse Door Repair and Installation in Allen, Texas

With a thriving commercial and industrial industry comes the need for warehouse door repair and installation. The city of Allen, Texas, is not only thriving but growing too. Ranked as the ‘Second Best Place to Live’ by Money Magazine in 2017, the city offers attractive amenities and high quality of life. Last year it saw more than 2 million square feet of new commercial projects proceed. Two projects on the go right now include the Allen Tech Hub (a technology-focused office space that will be built this year offering a 200,000-square-foot-office complex) and four significant mixed-use developments that recently received zoning approval along the State Highway 121 corridor. These projects showcase the future of Allen’s growth.

With a growing commercial sector, there is naturally a demand for commercial building supplies. One such commercial supply is loading dock doors. If your business has or needs a loading area, it is vital to load and unload your various goods safely and securely. You will need loading dock doors that are robust and function properly; these too will allow for enough space and an uninterrupted workflow.

Loading areas are high-traffic areas and have forklifts, vehicles, and trucks passing through all day long. For these dock doors to do their job effectively, they need to be durable and reliable, and choosing a high-quality brand is crucial. Another reason to ensure your loading dock doors are installed, maintained, and fitted by professionals is because they offer security and protection for your business and products. Don’t skimp where it counts; call the experts.

Trusted Dock Door Installation

For the professionals, installing a loading dock door into an existing warehouse building is a simple task. Generally, commercial buildings allow for enough overhead space for rolling loading dock doors. If this is not the case in your building, you may need some structural alterations done. There is, however, an easy fix for this; a side panel or scissor design can be considered to install the loading dock doors.

If your space is all set for loading dock doors, but you are unsure of what type will work best in your area, give us a call for a free assessment. The dock door installation service itself is not a lengthy process, and you won’t find it disrupting your daily business operations.

Warehouse Door Repairs and Maintenance

Do your loading dock doors have faulty folding mechanisms or worn-out seals? We can help. Our trained technicians perform dock door installation services, dock door repairs, and replace all overhead doors and parts. Rather than trying to do it yourself, let our crew handle the tricky mechanisms that come with loading dock doors. Some things should be left to the experts; you don’t want to create a bigger problem by attempting to fix things yourself.

By scheduling annual maintenance inspections, you will avoid facing the costly repairs of problems that could have been avoided. Our expert team offers annual maintenance servicing. Some of the parts and hardware our team can repair and replace include:

  • Scissor Gates
  • Rolling Steel Doors
  • Sectional Overhead Doors
  • Commercial Openers
  • Springs
  • Rollers
  • Cables
  • Bottom Seal

You can rest assured, the highest quality parts, products, and systems are used when you call the All Pro Door team. These are guaranteed to extend the life of your commercial warehouse door.

Contact Us Today

All Pro Door Repair is here to help with all your warehouse door repairs, dock door installation services, upgrades, and maintenance. As industry veterans, we have experience installing and repairing all types of loading doors across the Allen area. We guarantee our installations will help maximize operational activities and efficiency, helping you stay ahead in this competitive commercial environment.

A functioning loading environment is essential. That’s why we promise to perform quick and efficient dock door installation services timeously and within budget. At All Pro Door Repair, we have the expertise, equipment, and fully-trained team to assist with all your commercial dock door installation service needs.

For dock door repairs and dock door installation service, contact us today to find out how we can help. Call the Pros on 972-624-1515 or 469-384-5400.