5 Typical Malfunctions with Garage Door Openers

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garage door opener repairGarage door openers work day-in and day-out, rain, snow or shine. Then one day, your garage door opener fails to perform, and you are left wondering what went wrong. An opener is a complex piece of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment. While they are reliable, they do malfunction, so it is very helpful to know about problems with garage door opener equipment, so you can consider how to respond. Let us take each of the 5 most common causes.

1) The Door Does Not Move When You Press the Remote

If you have two remotes, try the other one. If the door moves, then you need to replace the faulty remote. If the door still does not open when you use the other remote, try the wall switch. If the door opens, then you have a transmitter problem. Contact your garage door opener repair professional to have it checked and, if it cannot be repaired, replace it.

2) The Door Does Not Move When You Press the Wall Switch

The first thing to do is to check that the breaker has not tripped. If you have power to the switch, then the chances are that either the entire switch needs to be replaced or there is a wiring problem. Some wires inside the switch are stapled, and the stapling can cause the wire to short out. Unless you are practiced at making electrical repairs, you should contact your garage door repair professional.

3) The Door Does Not Move Even Though There Is No Obvious Power Supply Fault

If you know you have satisfactory power to your wall switch, then the circuit board may have failed. The circuit board is in the casing that holds the drive motor unit. It controls everything to do with the garage door opener. A common cause of circuit board failure is a nearby lightning strike. If you have just had a storm, the board will probably need to be replaced.

4) The Garage Door Does Not Go All the Way Down or All the Way Up

A variation of this garage door opener problem is that the door does go up and down, but then it immediately reverses itself. This problem is caused by the limit stops. There are two switches on the opener, and they determine the beginning and end points of door movement. It is possible that the switches need to be adjusted or replaced.

5) There is a Strange Noise When the Door Moves

Noises can be caused by damage to the carriage, the torsion spring or to the drive gear, itself. The drive gear moves the door. If the gear is worn or damaged, it will make a noise before it fails completely. Total failure usually happens at the most inconvenient time, so do not wait until it does fail. Call your garage door opener repair expert to have everything fully checked and properly repaired.

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