10 Common Misconceptions About Garage Door Repair

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garage door repairGarage Door Repairs

Two things are guaranteed to stir up the emotions. One is a sick pet and the other is a faulty garage door. When a pet needs a veterinarian, many owners make sure they get one. When a garage door needs a repair, many owners follow a different road. Here are 10 misconceptions about garage door repairs.

1) Repairs Can’t Be That Difficult

Garage doors are complicated. They are very heavy and have many components including lots of hinges and rollers, a screw or chain-drive motor, cables, a wall switch, remote controls, and a magic eye. Replacing a roller is easy, but knowing how to replace and adjust an entire drive mechanism is less so.

2) The Circuit Breaker Will Protect Me

Garage doors have amputated more fingers and blinded more eyes than any other item in a home. The circuit breaker may not save you that trip to the ER.

3) Just Because It’s Slow Does Not Mean It Will Fail

Garage doors often give advance warning that they are going to fail. Pay attention because a garage door falling on you can cause serious injury or death.

4) It’s Just a Noise, I Can Fix That

Yes, it may be dirt on the track, but if the noise is still there after you have climbed the ladder and cleaned the tracks it may well be a sign of impending failure. Garage doors fail at the most inconvenient times, so have a professional check it out.

5) Garage Door Companies Are Too Expensive

Nothing is as expensive as losing a finger or an eye. Local garage door repair companies are part of the community they serve, so they rely on happy customers telling others how good a job they did.

6) They’ll Scam Me

“I’ll have to pay a call-out fee, an hourly rate, top dollar for all the parts, and how will I know they did a good job?”
Good question!
Check out their BBB ratings, read the testimonials, and phone them to learn how they charge. Many local garage door repair companies offer special discounts for new customers, so it may cost you a lot less than you think.

7) They Will Just Try to Sell Me a New Door

Well-respected garage door repair companies know that a good door should last about thirty years. They also know that a happy customer, who got a speedy and well-priced repair, will be a great ambassador for them. Trying to sell a new door is not how they build great reputations.

8) Replacing Both Springs is a Waste of Money

Springs ‘age’ with the door. A new spring will be stronger, so one new and one old is likely to make the door operate unevenly. That will shorten the life of the old spring, and it will lead to another door failure, more inconvenience, and another repair job. Replace them both.

9) Repair Warranties Are Worthless

Warranties from a local company are worth exactly what they say. It’s self-repairs that carry no warranty. A warranty can save you money in the long run.

10) All I Need is a Ladder and a Screwdriver

Be safe, protect your home and your health, and call a professional. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. The most important safety tip to remember when replacing garage door springs is to replace both of them at once to avoid causing further damage.

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