5 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Close

garage door repair

There are few things more aggravating to a Dallas homeowner than to have a garage door that won’t close or shut. In those circumstances, that can result in all sorts of debris coming into the garage area.

When a garage door won’t shut, that’s a clear sign that some garage door repair is in the offing. DFW residents know the value that a door can bring, so here are five reasons why a garage door won’t close:

Photo Cell Wiring

The garage door opener can be invaluable, but not if the photo cells aren’t working. In many cases, the wiring behind these cells may be faulty after having been knocked out or even cut. Trying to fix it on your own might make things worse, so making a call from the DFW area at All Pro is the way to go.

Obstructions Are Present

The sensors for a remote garage door opener can sometimes be obstructed with such everyday things as dirt or debris, as well as clutter within the garage itself. Removing these might best be handled by a professional in the field from All Pro Door Repair.

Springs Are No Longer Tight or Broken

The high tension springs on a garage door have to be in good working condition or the garage door won’t shut. Fixing them must be done by professionals, since the potential for serious injury by someone untrained is high. Therefore, garage door repair of this nature again demands the skilled employees from All Pro Door Repair.

Cable is Broken or Pulley is Jammed

If the garage door cable is either tangled up or dangling, the cable is broken, and if the pulley looks like its rubbing on the track or isn’t at a 90 degree angle, it’s jammed. In either case, an experienced professional should handle the garage door repair.

Track is Out of Alignment

In some situations, the constant opening and shutting of a garage door increases the chance that the rollers will come out of alignment. This is another situation where a professional who’s done it before can quickly take care of the problem, thereby avoiding the possibility of the problem being magnified by someone unfamiliar with the process.

The Answer in Dallas

Since 2001, All Pro Door Repair has been serving the DFW area with Lone Star pride. We possess the experience to immediately address issues that arise when your garage door won’t close. Give us a call for garage door repair in the Dallas area!

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