5 Garage Door Safety Tips

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garage door safety tips

The benefits of a garage are many, so it make sense to have the door that’s part of it be a quality one. Even more important is to create an awareness among everyone concerning the basics of garage door safety.

That’s why All Pro Door Repair is proud to offer the following five garage door safety tips that will not only make life easier, but give you some peace of mind at the same time:

Performing Regular Maintenance

There are certain things that pretty much anyone can do, like cleaning and oiling the tracks to provide the necessary lubrication, that can help hold off the need for garage door repair.

However, garage door repair involving the alignment of tracks or fixing the springs are better left to the professionals at All Pro Door Repair. That’s because getting everything aligned just right requires the right experience, while tightening or loosen springs can quickly snap back, causing injuries to novice repairmen.

Having Modern Doors

Older garages likely have doors that pre-date the 1993 directive by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that the electric eye for a garage door opener has to be anywhere from four to six inches off the floor and aligned with the opening.

By doing this, the door will reverse automatically, since it will be notified by the sensors of the electric eye before it might hit something that is currently in the path of the door. Older doors are notorious for either not reversing at all or doing so only after a collision takes place.


When it comes to garage door safety tips, few resonate more strongly than those that take into account that protecting children is something that’s hard to put a price on. One of the key reasons this is important relates to the sheer weight of a door, which can cause injury or even death—including with adults.

That’s why making sure that the garage door remote is kept out of their hands is a necessity. They may see it as a toy, but the consequences are far too lethal to contemplate. In addition, make sure to be aware of how to use the emergency release feature for a door, information that can be found in the accompanying owner’s manual, and also make sure the wall push button is at least five feet above the floor.

Pinching Problems

Those who manually open and close their garage door should never place their fingers between door sections, since they’ll be pinched once the lifting or closing begins. That may seem obvious to some, but one of the common garage door safety issues relates to this specific problem.

One of the ways to combat this is to have pinch-resistant joints installed, which will allow what’s most likely an ingrained habit to at least have a safety component attached to it.

Avoid the DIY Method

To some, a garage door opener installation seems easy, but faulty installing could lead to garage door repair bills that can be steep. Also, throw in the fact that electricity is part of the installation equation, and the potential dangers get even more serious

That’s why having an experienced professional do the job makes life much easier. They do this on a regular basis and know how to do a much quicker job.

Garage door safety is something that many people take for granted, but All Pro Door Repair knows that these garage door safety tips will help reduce the numbers affected every year.

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