5 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

One of the most used and often least-maintained items in a home is the garage door. It provides security for everything inside your garage and, probably, inside your home as well. It keeps out the cold wind, the rain and the snow. We take our garage doors for granted even though we open and close them, on average, more than one thousand times a year.
Garage doors are complex. They have a motor, a remote control, a torsion spring, an extension spring, rollers, brackets, cables, and a magic eye to prevent somebody, or something, from being crushed. Every single item on your door has a specific job to do, so it makes a lot of sense to do appropriate garage door maintenance. Checking a few things every six months can save you time, money and inconvenience. Doing some simple garage door maintenance, yourself, will reduce the need to call out a garage door repair professional in time of emergency and, probably, at great inconvenience.
One day you may notice that the door sounds strange, it doesn’t seem to move the way it should or there’s a frayed cable strand down by the bottom bracket. Whatever it is, you know that safety, security and convenience mean you should call All Pro Door Repair to carry out a detailed inspection and, if needed, do the garage door repair work. Let us begin with what you can do before you pick up the phone.

Inspect for Wear and Damage

With the door closed, look at both side edges. Are the rollers OK or can you see cracks or chips? Are the cables frayed or out of alignment? Do all of the brackets and hinges look in good condition? Are the roller tracks aligned or do they look dented in any way?

Lubricate the Tension Spring and Other Moving Parts

The long spring over the door is a powerful spring that controls the entire door, so its condition is critical to performance and to your safety. Put down a drop cloth, then climb up to the spring and lubricate it with something like WD-40. Do the same for the rollers and hinges.

Grease the Drive Mechanism

Garage doors have a chain, screw or belt drive. The drive must be kept in good working order, so lubricate it with white lithium grease.

Check the Motor

Open and close the door to check for a smooth operation. You should not hear any grinding or scraping sounds, and you should see a completely smooth movement. A damaged tension spring or poorly maintained drive mechanism will damage the motor. Damaged motors fail.

Do the Safety Checks

Put a piece of wood on the ground where the door will hit it. Close the door and, as it comes down, use your outstretched hands to try and stop it. The door should continue to close, so move away. When it touches the wood, the safety mechanism should open the door, again, automatically.

Carry out these garage door maintenance checks every six months, and you will prolong its working life. If you are ever unsure, call in the professionals.

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