Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Garage Door Maintenance Checklist by AllWhen it comes to proper garage door maintenance, there are a number of standard protocols. They’re done to maintain the consistent use of the door or limit any damage that may be developing from that usage.

Garage door repair in Dallas-Fort Worth can be tricky to navigate, with many companies vying for business. While our staff at All Pro Door Repair are ready to work on any problems you may have, we also want to provide a checklist of things that will help:

The Eyes Have It

By making a visual inspection of the cables, springs, pulleys, brackets and rollers, any wear and tear can be detected. If you see that some garage door maintenance is in order, make sure you call the professionals at All Pro Door Repair. That’s because trying to adjust springs can be dangerous or could cause damage to any vehicles in the garage.

Regular Lubrication

During what should be monthly inspections of your garage door, the tracks, hinges and rollers should be sprayed with a small amount of WD-40 or have a few drops of motor oil applied. All of this will keep them lubricated, which makes for smoother movement for the garage door.

The Balancing Door

A door out of adjustment is a problem, but testing beforehand can determine that issue. Beginning with a closed garage door, you should attempt to lift it for a few seconds. It should not only lift smoothly, but stay open roughly three to four feet above the floor as well.

Testing the Force Setting

By holding the bottom of the garage door as it is closing, you’ll be able to determine if the force setting is moving without hesitation. If it doesn’t the setting may need to be adjusted downward.

Reversal Test

Placing a piece of wood on the ground below the middle of the door and let the door come down. If it fails to immediately reverse after touching the wood, maintenance is needed.

They’re In the Know

We provide 24-hour emergency garage door repair services in Dallas-Fort Worth. Contact us online or call us at 972-624-1515.

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