Preparing Your Garage Door for Winter

Winter is just around the corner. Is your garage door ready? Although we don’t typically experience a lot of ice and snow, colder temperatures, winter wind and rain can affect your garage. Take some time to check your door now, so you have time to schedule Dallas garage door repair to fix any problems you may uncover.

Check the Seals

A properly sealed and weatherstripped garage door doesn’t just keep the cold air out, it also prevents moisture from seeping inside. Weatherstripping along the bottom of your overhead door is the main barrier to water. If this stripping is damaged or warped, it’s time to schedule maintenance and replacement.

Insulation Is Key

If you spend any time in your garage during the winter, you know how chilly it can get. Improving your garage door’s insulation can hold off some of the cold. If your garage is heated, an insulated door is even more important. You don’t want to lose your heat through the door, because this just results in a cold garage and higher heating costs.

Keep It Running Smoothly

A jerky or squeaky garage door needs repaired. Your door should move up and down smoothly. Common causes of a jerky door include:

  • Dirty rails. Dirt, dust and debris in the rails can cause squealing or jerky movements. Wiping out the rails, before lubricating them, can help them run smoothly again.
  • Poor lubrication. A poorly lubricated door won’t move smoothly, and continuing to use the door can result in damage.
  • Damaged or warped rails. Even minor damage can affect how smoothly your garage door runs. Winter temperature fluctuations can make a minor problem worse, by causing the rails to warp even more. Fixing the rails now can prevent a stuck garage door later.

Schedule a Check-Up

An annual fall check-up is the best way to keep your garage door in top shape. Catching problems early, before winter stress makes them worse, can save you money and time when it comes to repairs.

What to expect from a check-up:

  • A full inspection of rollers and hinges.
  • Weatherstripping and seal maintenance.
  • Track inspection, lubrication and repair.
  • Inspection, adjustment or replacement of the chains and cables.
  • Service of the automatic opener.
  • Inspection and maintenance of the manual opening mechanism.

There’s no need to do your winter maintenance yourself. Contact us professional garage door repair in Dallas to ensure your door is ready for anything the winter season brings.

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