Preparing Your Garage Door For Summer

Apr 17, 15 • Garage Door Maintenance1 Comment

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Preparing for another hot Dallas, Texas summer has begun for many home owners, which includes different projects. One of those tasks should be to have either some garage door maintenance or garage door repair done in order to make sure the torrid heat that comes to the Lone Star State is kept at bay. While our staff at All Pro Door Repair has expertise in all areas of Dallas-Fort Worth garage door repair, we want to offer some tips on limiting any garage door repair that is needed.

Keeping a Door Looking Good

A garage door will have to deal with the elements, which means that any kind of moisture can start the clock ticking for garage door maintenance. That’s because when they’re the steel variety, the threat of rust exists, so sanding, priming and painting should be on the list of things to do here. Meanwhile, the wooden type can get warped or the paint can start to peel. Therefore, washing the door with a mild cleaner can help prolong the life of the door.

Lubricating Hardware

Before you start hearing squeaks and other unnatural noises coming from your garage door, it’s likely time to lubricate the area in question. These can include the rollers, hinges, torsion springs and the lift cables, and should be done at least once a year. Given the other maintenance that should be done at this time of year, it should be on your checklist.

Checking Rollers

When it comes to rollers, these need to be checked twice a year to make sure that everything is running smoothly. That’s because cracking, chipping or simple wear-and-tear can take a toll on this integral area, which will render it useless and require more expensive repair bills. If it’s been more than seven years since they’ve been replaced, even greater care should be taken to make sure everything is in working order.

Assessing the Cables and Tracks

Part of door repair involves adjusting cables that have high-tension springs, which can be deadly if anyone other than one of our All Pro Door Repair staff attempts to fix it. However, checking for damage near the roller bracket or for any broken strands can alert you to impending issues

Tracks can sometimes become littered with debris, which should be carefully removed. However, when it comes to making track adjustments of a more serious nature, only a professional repair person should be used.

The Only Number to Call

All Pro Door Repair can handle your Dallas-Fort Worth garage door repair needs, and can also do garage door maintenance for you as well if your busy schedule doesn’t give you enough time for the job. We’re now in our 15th year of serving the area, and have the necessary items that can help not only make your life easier, but help save you money when it comes to potentially high garage door repair bills. Click here to contact us today.

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  1. As summer is coming up, I want to make sure everything in my home is working properly. My garage has been making some weird noises lately as I would open it up. Do you think that it could just be the rollers that’s making the sound? I will make sure I check those like you said. Thanks a ton for this. I’m sure it is going to help a lot.

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