Why It Is Illegal: Replacing Garage Door Springs

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Are you trying to do a repair to a garage door and it somehow feels above your pay grade because of the potential injuries it could cause? In these situations, trusting your gut could save someone’s life. These days, homeowners are pressured into being DIY experts, but there are some instances where you should leave repairs for the professionals because taking charge could mean breaking the law.

It can be alarming to hear that certain aspects of garage door repair are illegal, but this is unfortunately the case — for good reasons. Mainly, incorrectly repaired garage doors can lead to fatalities, and choosing a professional service is an important aspect to staying above the law. Thankfully, there are several ways to avoid this kind of tragedy and it all begins with having the right team of professionals on your side.

Understanding issues with garage doors

Obviously, getting garage door springs repaired is a critical issue, but how does a homeowner or business owner know they should be fixed in the first place? In addition to hiring a professional door company to stop by your property for regular inspections, you can attempt to isolate potential warning signs as a homeowner. For example, it is important to call in a pro when you see rust on the garage door springs. It is also a clear sign that repairs need to be done if the door is not closing completely or has a less-than smooth opening and closing operation.

How do garage door spring issues lead to deaths?

No one expects the unexpected to happen, and it is in situations like these that the worst can happen where it concerns your garage door. Most property owners do not have code inspectors constantly swarming their building to check for errors, but when a homeowner gets caught doing their own garage spring work, it is usually because an accident has happened. In other words, when someone gets injured on your property and it is noted that the homeowner did their own spring work incorrectly (and therefore causing the injury) the legal penalties can be high.

How to protect your family from illegal garage door repairs

At All Pro Door Repair, we can work with your family or business to make the repairs to any garage-style door on your property. Before you try to do illegal garage door tasks, give us a call first! We can help you isolate the issues with your door, repair it, and give you important maintenance advice for the future. Moreover, we can help you by doing period maintenance inspections that ensure your doors are always up to code. To get started with repairs in Dallas and Fort Worth, call All Pro Door Repair today! Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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