10 Helpful Tips for Buying a New Garage Door

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tips for buying a garage doorWhen you need to buy a new garage door, there are a number of things you should take into account. This list of ten tips will ensure you buy the most appropriate door for your needs.

1. Form Follows Function

Select the garage door style, size and construction to suit your needs. A door is a critical part of a building’s exterior, so choose according to need not just price or availability.

2. Standard or Non-standard

Most newer buildings will take a standard door size, but older buildings may not. Before you begin to search for a new door, you should measure the opening and the distance from door track to garage ceiling. Give those details to your door supplier, so they can advise you properly.

3. Construction Material

Garage doors are made from wood, steel, aluminum or synthetic materials. Each has its purpose, and each delivers specific benefits. Consider curb appeal, ease of maintenance and longevity.

4. Style

A new garage door gives you an opportunity to change the look of your home. Do you want to go for a more vintage look or a modern look? Would decorative hinges and door handles add to the curb appeal, or would your home look better with a flush three panel or a raised four-panel style?

5. Security

A heavy steel door with a built-in tilt sensor or an auto-lock system will give you more security than a simple fiberglass door.

6.Insulation Factors

If you will spend a lot of time in the garage, insulation becomes more important. A two or three layer door will insulate the garage making it more comfortable to occupy while keeping your utility costs down.

7. Track and Opener

A new door may be heavier than your old one, so get advice on whether the current track and opener will work with the new door, and whether the new door warranty will be valid with an old track.

8. Garage Door Springs

Your old door may have had extension springs on each side. These are different to torsion springs. Seek advice on which kind of garage door springs will be best.

9. Choose Your Supplier Well

You want a supplier with a first class reputation, who is fully insured, who puts your needs front and center, and who will be there for you should you ever need a garage door repair.

10. Price

Price is last on the list of tips, because price is determined by quality, style and ease or difficulty of installation. Choose the right garage door installer, and the price will be right.

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