5 Common Garage Door Issues

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garage door issues

When it comes to garage door issues, numerous problems crop up during the lifespan of those doors. In the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, residential garage door repair and garage door repair in general is something that some people believe they can handle on their own.

That can be dangerous, given the number of often complicated situations that make up this segment of the garage door repair industry in the DFW area. All Pro Door Repair has five issues that develop on a regular basis:

Doors Making Noises

The wheel tracks, hinges and bearings for a garage door need to be well lubricated in order to work consistently. Otherwise, the doors can become jammed or otherwise won’t function in the proper manner.

In addition, obstructions within the tracks sometimes can create garage door issues. However, these happen, professionals should be brought in to make adjustments and check that the bolts are properly tightened.

Spring Malfunctions

Finely tuned springs are something that garage doors need to run smoothly, but they eventually either wear out over time or even break in some situations. This is where those experienced with such repairs can be invaluable.

Springs are supposed to be tightly wound in order to work properly. In far too many cases, people that have tried to replace springs on their own have gotten themselves injured.

Problems with Cables

The danger with springs is alleviated when safety cables have been properly installed or maintained. They serve as a control mechanism for the springs, but they can also become frayed or broken

In some cases, depending on the age of a garage in the DFW area, the structure may not even have these potential life-savers. Also, the possibility being unable to open a door with a car inside can quickly become a headache.

Track Misalignments

Over time, the tracks that are part of the garage door can become warped, bent or otherwise misaligned. When this occurs, opening and closing the door can become impossible. Fixing this problem is sometimes possible for the average person, but doing so raises the risk of injury to an unacceptable level, which means getting someone experienced at garage door repair

Sensor Issues

Garage door issues related to sensors are something that develop regardless of whether residential garage door repair is needed or businesses in the Dallas / Fort Worth market require similar services. In this case, a door that fails to open smoothly like involves a sensor problem, which is something that the professionals at All Pro Door Repair have experience in handling.

Your Easy Answer in the DFW Area

Given the torrid summers and windy days that often affect residents in the Dallas / Fort Worth areas, the basic need to open and close a garage door is something that many people only think about when repairs are needed. All Pro Door Repair can do that, while also showing how to properly maintain this sensitive equipment. Contact us online to learn how we can help fix your garage door issues.

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