5 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Garage Door

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When you decide to install a new garage door or to replace an existing one, you should take two principles and five factors into account. You want your new door to be as attractive and functional as possible. Whether you want it for your home or your business determines how much emphasis you put on each of these principles. The five factors will help you to choose. Here is how to ensure you make the most appropriate choice.

1. Location

If the door is to be installed at your home, you are likely to place a higher emphasis on attractiveness. You will want the door to enhance your home’s curb appeal. A home with high curb appeal usually enjoys a higher price when it goes on the market, and most people will sell their home at some point.

If the door is to be installed at your place of business, you will put more emphasis on functionality than on attractiveness. Functionality is important in both locations, but with different emphasis.

2. Price

A garage door can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars and as costly as many thousands. Quality of design and construction affect price, and so does the quality of materials used. Lower cost doors usually have a shorter life span and require more frequent maintenance. Garage door repair is also a function of how much the door is used, so if a door is likely to be raised and lowered many times during a day to accommodate customers, higher price and higher quality may well prove to be the better investment.

3. Design

Do you want the door to exude old world charm, or do you want it to shout “Strong and secure” to anyone who passes by? Are raised panels important? Are windows, window design and color important? There are so many options available, that you will achieve the result you want.

4. Construction and Materials

Garage doors, today, can be made from several different materials. Galvanized steel or aluminum doors do not crack, warp or delaminate, and they are less likely to rust. Double and triple skin doors, and wood doors, insulate the garage effectively. Vinyl is inexpensive but it can crack with age or extreme temperature variation. Dallas Fort Worth experiences tornadoes, other high winds, and hailstorms. Different materials withstand weather conditions differently.

5. Durability

A well-made, high quality door that is well maintained will last longer. If durability is important, then choose appropriately. Eventually they all require professional garage door repair because of accident, storm, heavy usage or old age. Choose your installation and maintenance company as carefully as you do your door.

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