How to Convert Your Garage Into a Home Office

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convert garage into office

When you need to expand the floor space of your home to include a home office, sometimes the only option is to convert the carport or garage. Although your carport make currently seem like it is more outdoors than indoors or has oil stains throughout, we guarantee that there are a few easy ways to make this one of the most ideal living spaces in your home. To get a better understanding of what happens during these types of renovations, check out the details below.

Some of the major aspects of carport conversions

Are you curious about what it takes to make a building more like an office and less like a shed? If you are familiar with barns and sheds, one of the things that makes them stand apart is their lack of electricity and insulation. There may also be minimum amounts of flooring. Naturally, in order to make a former home for a car into a place where you conduct business on a daily basis, adding insulation and flooring will be one of the first steps. In some circumstances, pressure-treating concrete or masonry flooring to remove oil and chemical stains may be required. For more advanced spaces, skylights, windows, plumbing, and tile work can be done. There will also be a need to install certain types of technology facilities such as electrical outlets, HVAC, cable, and other services before walls are constructed.

Advantages of converting carports with large doors

One of the nice things about converting a carport is having a separate door to greet customers. Of course, once you have a carport converted into another room, you will need to get rid of the large doors and the other equipment that was formerly needed to operate the door opener. Once those items are removed, you can choose to build a wall where the hole remains. Other options include adding other doors or a window.

Making the outside look less funny looking

An unfortunate disadvantage of converting a carport into a home office is that it may look a little bit strange from the outside. This can be off-putting if the room will be used to conduct business. One of the ways to ameliorate this situation is to consult with garage door repair specialist that are familiar with renovations. In many cases, they will recommend adding a small porch to the front to offset the business space and also take away from the squarish look that a garage or carport typically has. Alternatively, for homeowners living in communities with strict rules about outside appearances, we can help you to keep your new home-work-headquarters under the radar from gated community regulations.

Rebuilding new areas for lost storage

Whether it is a shed, barn or carport, anytime that an office conversion takes place, someone loses storage space. Nevertheless, with the right garage door repair company in charge of your project, you can ensure that you do not lose any options for building in hidden storage space. For example, once the carport door mechanical parts are taken away, this creates space for a ceiling attic to be created under the carport roof. This also creates much needed insulation to keep the new office area warm and cool.

Get started with your next conversion or renovation with us!

Now that you have a better understanding of the ease that garage conversions can have, your next step is to contact All Pro Door Repair in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. We help each of our customers understand the entire process required to get the results they need. Thank you in advance for choosing us and we look forward to hearing from you.

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