Why Won’t My Overhead Door Open?

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Why Won't My Overhead Door Open

Overhead doors are complex. They work thousands of times a year, but there are times when they fail. When an overhead door won’t open it can be the beginning of major problems. The obvious problems are inconvenience followed by safety and security. When the overhead door accesses a commercial or industrial building, the loss of business revenue may become the biggest problem.

Overhead door issues fall into two primary categories: electric and physical. The causes, themselves, subdivide into minor and major. Let’s look at each one.

Electrical Causes

If the door will not open when you use the remote, but it will using the wall switch, then it is likely that the remote’s batteries need to be replaced. That is a very simple fix. If the batteries are functioning, but the door stays closed, then the opener may have reprogrammed itself. Again, getting the remote and the door opener back into sync is easy.

Another possible problem that will not require overhead door repair is if the whole building has suffered a power failure or if the door’s governing breaker has been thrown.

Two other likely causes are more difficult to correct, and will probably mean you have to call out an overhead door repair professional. If the remote switch will open the door, but the wall switch will not, the problem lies with that switch. Old switches fail. The wires burn out, for example. It is better to have the switch completely replaced with a new one that will also have additional safety features inbuilt.

The other major fault shows itself when the electrical outlet has power, the door stays closed and you also notice that there is no light. This strongly suggests that the circuit board is bad. Lightning is a common destroyer of circuit boards. Call in a professional, and replace the entire circuit board.

Physical Causes

Commercial overhead garage doors are often subject to damage from poorly-driven vehicles and misuse of heavy equipment. Doors also have a working life after which they begin to fail. Old and damaged doors do not open. Employees often do not report minor accidents, neither do they tend to report hearing strange noises when the door is moving, so there will come a time when the door completely fails.

A simple problem to fix is when the trolley carriage has been disconnected. All you have to do is to climb up and reconnect it.

If a door track is bent, because of an impact, the bend will get worse. If the door fails to open because of the bend, you may need to replace the entire track, replace some of the rollers and realign the door. Accidents and old age also take their toll on the door cables. Broken cables can cause serious personal injury, and they will prevent the door from opening. A broken torsion spring is also a major problem. Only a professional should attempt to replace or repair a broken garage door spring.

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