5 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe in Dallas-Fort Worth

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The issue of crime is something that many people in the Dallas and Fort Worth area must deal with, especially when it threatens all of the valuables within your garage.

You may think you’re protecting your structure, but neglect could help make you vulnerable to a determined criminal. One way to stop such a circumstance from taking place would be to make sure that the garage door is in good working order and has been sufficiently safety-proofed. Below are five tips from All Pro Door Repair:

Regular Maintenance is Key

Your Dallas or Fort Worth garage is safer when the door is closed, which prevents any criminal from simply walking in and stealing items or even a vehicle. However, when specific mechanical parts haven’t been checked in a lengthy period by trained personnel, the possibility of a roll-up door becoming jammed or corrosion issues setting in exists.

This situation can often be overlooked if someone frequently leaves their door open for any one to see what’s inside. As much as we’d like to think our neighborhood is safe, that attitude can end up being a costly mistake.

Staying Current With Your Opener

Your garage door opener should be a recent version, which allows you to lock the door through the convenience of that remote, and possesses the ability to work regardless of the situation. For example, should a power failure hit, you won’t be vulnerable to a criminal exploiting this unique situation.

Stronger Doors

A criminal can often take advantage of a door that’s flimsy enough or simply lacks the durability that should be expected. By simply putting in a door made of steel or fortified wood for the structure, the chances of the above situation taking place diminishes considerably. This scenario helps offer peace of mind, since we use only parts that extend the door’s life.

Keeping Prying Eyes Away

When you have a door that doesn’t allow others to see what’s inside or has a shutter attached to the windows, you not only limit your chances of having items inside stolen, but also help maintain a more temperate climate inside. Preventing a thief from being able to consider any options while looking inside can be just enough to deter him from hanging around, since that might invite suspicion from your neighbors.

Regular Gate Maintenance

Having a residential gate installed often gives a comfortable impression since its presence serves as a crime deterrent. Still, if that gate doesn’t receive maintenance on a regular basis, the chances of a breakdown loom larger.

That means having an inactive gate could provide just the opening needed for a criminal. However, that scenario can be avoided and the lifespan of the residential gate extended by having quality replacement parts installed.

The People to Call

All Pro Door Repair has been around for more than a decade, serving the needs of the Dallas and Fort Worth area. In that time, we’ve established ourselves as a quality company in regard to garage doors and residential gates. Our experienced technicians are able to do the job right, helping keep your garage safe. So make sure to contact All Pro Door Repair for all of your garage door needs.

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