Add Flair to Your Home with a Colorful Garage Door!

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If you’ve ever wanted to make your home feel unique in a way that the whole neighborhood can see, artsy garage doors may be one of the best options available. If all you can see when you pull into your driveway every day is a blank canvas, artsy garage doors are definitely the thing for you. Simply put, there exists thousands of designs that could transform your ordinary garage door into a local attraction!

Learn How the Right Garage Door Style Can Change the Look of Your Home

Why Bother?
Art painted garage doors can serve several functions. For instance, if you’re trying to catch a roadrunner,(Source: there is a design for that. Warning! Visitors may also be mesmerized by this illusion, and many might mistake your driveway as a road.Perhaps you are the type that does not enjoy people on their lawn. A picture (Source: is worth a thousand “Get off my lawn!”s.With artistic expression also comes practicality. A fresh coat of paint can create a barrier between your door and the wrath of nature. If you own a business, a commonplace garage door could serve as relatively free advertising space.Or, maybe you have a prized possession, such as a boat or a car that you want to show off without exposing them to the elements. Your garage could feature your classy ride (source: GTAHomes4U) with the door up or down!Having art painted garage doors can give you the opportunity to express your hobbies, culture, or beloved memories in an outside environment where others can share your appreciation for art. It might even inspire them to create their own!

You might even consider painting your garage door for your favorite holidays. Bring spooky Halloween fun to your street or provide Christmas cheer with your house front!

How to Get Started
Shopping for or designing your own garage door mural is a daunting task. If you plan on preserving the painting, choose carefully. There are many websites across the internet that can show you examples and possibly give you an idea for an original piece.

Having a colorful garage door does not have to be complicated. A solid color or simple textured door can be just as rewarding as a witty or intricate mural. Before painting, consider a wide variety of colors that fit your home.

Have a look at a variety of ideas and narrow it down from there. The only step left is to hire a professional or pick up a few gallons of paint from your nearest hardware store! Be sure to contact us today as well any garage door repair services for your home’s garage door.

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