Affordable Garage Door Repair in the DFW Metro Area

All Pro Door offers affordable garage door repair in the DFW area.Are you a homeowner who’s in need of garage door installation or repair, but you’re afraid of the cost? Companies like All Pro Door offer high quality garage door repairs at affordable prices. Affordable garage door repair isn’t a myth – it’s possible to get quality service for a price that doesn’t scare you away!

Get High Quality Garage Door Repair in the DFW Area

Cost vs. Value

When it comes to many things in life – garage door repair included – cost is usually a good determinant of value. If pricing is too good to be true, beware – the product or services may be shoddy. This means you’ll need to fork over more hard earned money when the item breaks down sooner rather than later. However, you don’t have to overpay for garage door services, either – affordable garage door service is still possible to find. It’s important to find a reliable company that provides high quality service at prices that are in-line with the market. All Pro Doors provides top-of-the-line garage door services at competitive, affordable prices.

Common Garage Door Problems

“How much could possibly go wrong with a garage door?!” you ask? A lot more than you think, especially if you have a cheap garage door! Plus, many common garage door problems aren’t as easy to fix as you expect. By troubleshooting on your own, you risk causing an even bigger problem. It’s always recommended to call a garage door specialist to install or fix any garage door. Common garage door problems and issues that homeowners face include:

• Basic garage door repair after normal wear and tear.
• Cables, coils, rollers or springs that are broken or worn down.
• Door jams where the door stops halfway when going up or down. This may be caused by basic problems like dying batteries in the remote garage opener, but it can also point to a bigger problem, like the wrong type of lubricant or doors that are hung unevenly.
• Door panels that are bent or damaged.
• Falling garage doors, which can pose a big risk to your family. If your garage door comes down to quickly when you lower it, call a specialist immediately. The problem could be caused by loose springs or broken cables, which you should never try to replace on your own.
• Garage door opener problems.
• Hinges and other type of hardware that’s broken. If your door is shimmying from side to side or moving unevenly, you may need a replacement.
• Cheap garage door installation, not because our products are inexpensive but because we believe in affordable garage door service.
• Loud noises when either opening or closing the garage door, such as screeching, squealing or grinding. Specific oils and lubricants are needed to keep garage doors in good working order.
• Remotes that don’t work or that have been lost or stolen. Sure, the problem could be as simple as replacing the batteries, but if that doesn’t fix the problem, the garage opener motor or the sensors could be the issue.

Benefits of Working With All Pro Door

• Around-the-clock emergency service
• Exclusive Internet specials
• Fair, competitive pricing
• Free estimate
• High quality work
• Insurance to protect you
• Lifetime parts
• No charge for a service call
• No hidden fees
• Professional technicians
• Service trucks that are fully equipped
• Weekend service

Builder’s Grade Parts vs. High Quality Parts

A lot of garage repair companies use builder’s grade parts and products, which is part of the reason why their services are priced so low. However, these types of parts aren’t high quality and can result in more garage door maintenance down the road. With a shorter lifespan, builder’s grade parts wear down much faster than higher quality parts. All Pro Door uses quality parts and products that extend the life of your garage door and related systems.

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