Amarr Commercial Doors

When making the decision to have either Amarr garage doors or Amarr garage door openers installed the choice is one that brings with an exhaustive collection of potential selections. With 12 choices when it comes to garage doors and 21 when talking about openers, finding the choice that best suits your needs might present something of a challenge.

Within the 12 options available come three different styles to choose from: Carriage House, Traditional, and Specialty.

Carriage House Doors

All but the By Design come with lifetime warranties:

By Design: A customized option that allows for adaptability that can smoothly blend with the home, though it comes with a limited option of just one year.

Carriage Court: A choice between 14 possible designs, each with steel-backed sections, and overlay trim with composite steel.

Classica: Offering a vast number of more than 100 steel-based options.

Designer’s Choice: The most energy-efficient selection.

Hillcrest: The most value-friendly consideration of this group.

Oak Summit: Another 70 different choices available, though some come with less than a lifetime warranty.

Traditional Doors

All but the Olympus are made with low-maintenance steel.

Heritage: The style that never gets old.

Lincoln: The best value within this subset.

Olympus: For those who want the most energy-conscious model.

Stratford: For those who prefer a traditional look to their door.

Specialty Doors

Vista: A contemporary style with a five-year warranty.

Coastal: Vinyl doors that have a one-year warranty, but need minimum maintenance.

Amarr Garage Door Openers

The choice between LiftMaster and Linear brands is then broken down further the type of drive required: Direct, Belt, Chain and Screw. Among the 22 possible options, 17 of them come from LiftMaster. In addition, three other LiftMaster gate openers are also available.

LiftMaster Models

Direct Drive: 8500

Belt Drive: 8550, 8550W, 8557, 8557W, 8355, 8355W, 8155

Chain Drive: 8587, 8587W, 8360, 8360W, 8365-267, 8160, 8165, 8065

Screw Drive: 3240

Linear Models

Each is offered with either a chain or belt drive motor. They come with a five-year warranty on mechanical parts and one year on electronic ones. Meanwhile, all have a lifetime motor warranty-with the exception of the LDO33.

Models: LDCO800, LCO75, LSO50, LDO50, and LDO33

All Pro Door Repair is available for any installation, maintenance or repair for Amarr garage doors. When it comes to Amarr garage door openers, we can also handle the job of installation, make sure everything is maintained properly or repair anything that needs fixing. Make sure to contact us when you have concerns in either area.