C.H.I. Garage Doors Repair & installation

All Pro Door Repair is pleased to offer garage door installation and repair of all C.H.I. garage doors. C.H.I. manufactures garage, rolling steel service doors, and fire doors. They serve both the residential and commercial and industrial markets.

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C.H.I. Residential Garage Doors

Home owners want a garage door that is secure, reliable, attractive, and one that will deliver true value for money. We have, therefore, added C.H.I. residential garage doors to our inventory. In this way we can broaden what we offer, and help make our customer’s choices easier. C.H.I. provides a wide range of designs and materials, so an owner can custom-design their perfect door. They can choose aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or wood construction. Designs range from the traditional carriage door to the ultra-modern. The doors can be insulated with either polystyrene or polyurethane to minimize utility bills, and to make the time spent in the garage as comfortable as possible. The quality construction of each door is based on accurate measurements to ensure longevity and durability.

Owners may choose a finished look that includes everything from imitation wood to customized hardware to country scenes and sports team symbols. The net result is that we can provide you with the exact style, quality and finish you desire, and we will ensure it is installed perfectly. We will carry out all regular maintenance, and we will be there should it ever need to be repaired.

C.H.I. Commercial Doors

C.H.I. commercial doors are designed and manufactured specifically to operate in the toughest industrial and commercial environments. Each door is designed with computer-aided precision and is specially engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. The construction materials range from heavy-duty 20 – 27 gauge steel, and insulated to R-value ratings of up to 17.54. We will supply you with any style door, from ribbed steel pan, pan steel insulated, or aluminum full-view.

Commercial doors endure almost constant operation, so they must continue to perform without breaking down or requiring too-frequent maintenance. They are made with, for example, heavy duty bottom brackets, double rollers and individually-calibrated springs. They are double-hinged and mounted to appropriate track systems. The tongue-and-groove section joints deliver greater security against accidental damage, criminal attack or severe storms. We can customize every door to make sure it meets your work environment’s demands.

Commercial doors can also be attractive and unique. We can finish our C.H.I commercial doors with patriotic symbols, attractive scenes or your company’s logo.

C.H.I. garage doors came onto the market 35 years ago. Their goal is to produce high quality doors at the right price. All Pro Door Repair has begun to supply their doors because we know the quality of their construction, and we know they will enhance our own reputation as your supplier.