What Are Some Common Garage Door Problems?

Learn More About Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

It is good to know about common garage door problems and how to fix them in advance. This knowledge will enable you to take care of your problem quickly and easily, even when you are under pressure.

All Pro Door Repair‘s team lists 8 common garage door problems below:

1. Self-operation
If your garage begins opening and closing by itself when you press the remote control button, remove the remote’s batteries. Occasionally, the batteries short out and send a continuous signal to the garage door opener. If the door stops moving up and down when you remove the batteries, you should replace your remote. If removing the batteries does not solve the problem, check the “eyes” (the sensors located on either side of the garage door tracks) to determine if their lights are solid or flashing. If you cannot determine the cause of the problem, call a Dallas-Fort Worth garage door repair service.

2. The garage door is tilted up on one side
If the garage door is tilted on one side when you open it, a torsion spring or cable may have frayed or snapped. Because a frayed cable could snap at any moment, exercise extreme caution when going into your garage to investigate. Replacing torsion cables is definitely not a do-it-yourself job.

3. The remote control will not open or close the garage door
If the garage door simply will not respond when you push the button on your remote, the cause could be one of the problems below:

• The batteries in the remote control could be dead
• You may have unintentionally changed the settings on your remote
• The antenna to the motor may be out of range
If the garage door opens with the wall unit, but not the remote, this indicates that the remote’s batteries are dead. If the door opens when you move closer to the unit, this means that you were out of range. If neither of these approaches works, restore the remote’s settings to default.

4. The garage door falls too quickly when closed
A garage door that closes too quickly poses a hazard to the person opening or closing the door. If your door closes too quickly for comfort, inspect the springs and cables. This problem is most often caused by broken cables or overly loose springs.

5. The garage door opens jerkily or moves from side to side while opening
If this problem is affecting your garage door, chances are that dirt or debris has become stuck in the tracks. Lubricate the tracks with WD-40 and wipe them down. Lubricate again and run the door several times to see if this helps solve the problem.

6. Loud noises when opening and shutting the door
If your garage door screeches and squeals whenever it is in motion, this is an indication that the joints are not sufficiently lubricated. Applying a light coat of lubricant should solve your problem.

7. Broken garage door panels
While garage door panels are designed to be durable and long-lasting, they will need replacement eventually. Wooden panels tend to wear out faster than metal ones. Replacing the panels of a garage door is definitely not a job homeowners should attempt to do by themselves.

8. Rusty or damaged bottom brackets
The brackets at the bottom of the garage door are under extreme tension. If they become loosened, the results can be fatal. If you discover that you need to change out the brackets, don’t attempt to do it on your own.

Several of the garage door problems listed above, while fairly common, are dangerous for a homeowner to attempt to repair. Contact a Dallas-Fort Worth garage door repair company for help.

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