Clear The Clutter: Expert Tips For Garage Organization

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garage organization

An unorganized garage can snowball, as we all know: you don’t know where to store your athletic equipment, for instance, so it gets shoved in a corner. The Christmas ornaments won’t fit in the hall closet, so off to the garage they go. Roller skates? That ugly vase your mother-in-law gave you? Garage.

If your garage has become a dumping ground for all the stuff that won’t fit in your house, it’s time to clear the clutter and whip this space back into shape. Read on for some helpful, easy tips for garage organization.

5 Expert Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage


1. Give Yourself Enough Time

If your garage is truly a mess, be honest with yourself about the time it will take to get it under control. If there’s no room for your car in there, you might need an entire day or weekend. If stuff is only piled up along the walls and on the floor, set aside a couple of hours on a Saturday for the job. The more time you give yourself, the less stressed you will be.

2. Empty the Space

Take everything out – yes, everything. This will give you a good idea of just how much stuff (and junk) you have, and how much usable space you have in your garage for storage. Assess the situation. This brings us to the next tip…

3. Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Need

Again, you need to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Do you really need all those tennis rackets that haven’t been touched for four years? Or the old, broken lawn mower you keep promising yourself you’re going to get fixed? If your kids are grown and gone, you don’t really need to hang on to that box of old baby toys, do you? Anything you keep, on the other hand, should have a practical use or extremely strong sentimental value (boxes of old family albums, for instance, or other family heirlooms).

Donate, sell, trash, or give away anything you don’t need. Yard sales are an excellent way to get rid of unused items that are still in good condition.

4. Invest in Vertical and Overhead Storage Solutions

Before you put your remaining stuff back in the garage, improve your storage situation. Vertical storage, like heavy duty shelving units or cabinets, is perfect for stacking boxes and plastic tubs, or for hiding away lawn chemicals or cleaning equipment. Wall racks are great for hanging tools like shovels, rakes, spades, and saws. Overhead storage can be used for bicycles, or for storing rope or other useful items.

5. Group Like Items Together

This tip will make things easier to find when you need them. Group together items with similar purposes, like athletic equipment, building tools, lawn and garden tools, seasonal decorations, bikes, and camping equipment. Utilize the storage solutions outlined in the tip above to keep stuff off the floor. This will drastically cut down on clutter.

Garage organization doesn’t have to be a stressful hassle. By following these tips and taking a systematic approach, you should be able to have an organized, clutter-free space in a weekend. Then you can pat yourself on the back and breathe easy every time you walk into your neat, tidy garage.

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