The Pros and Cons of Steel Garage Doors

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In many cases, the first thing that people will notice about a garage is the attached door, since it’s closed a good deal of the time. Some homeowners and businesses prefer to have a steel garage door due to the protective image it displays. There are times, though, when it may need some new parts, or other work. That means that the work of a Dallas garage door repair company is something that needs to enter the conversation.

Learn More About the Benefits and Downfalls of Steel Garage Doors

When it comes to steel garage doors, there can be pros and cons to having them. They are:

The Pros

  • They’re economical, even though most people prefer having a wooden door because of the perceived curb appeal it supposedly adds. In many cases, the difference in costs can be at one-third less than wood.
  • The durability of steel doors can withstand the relentless heat of a Texas summer day. In addition, with wood, any rainstorm (or moisture in general) starts the clock ticking on the garage door’s lifespan, since the wood can warp or be damaged.
  • The potential maintenance is reduced when steel doors are available. Wood garage doors need to be painted or stained every year or two, or they start looking run down. With steel doors, pre-painted coating on them means washing them once or twice a year will keep them looking new.

The Cons

  • With steel doors, there’s a distinct difference with regard to panels. In this instance, the higher the gauge means the weaker the strength of the steel. When that steel is weaker, it rusts faster.
  • Uninsulated steel will waste energy, which adds additional money to your budget each month. Also, without insulation, the noise level becomes an unnecessary aggravation.
  • The possibility of the door being dented by a car or object can be an issue. Again, the strength of the steel used may help mitigate this problem.

So when you’re in need of a Dallas garage door repair company or one that knows how to install sturdy steel garage doors, the staff at All Pro Door Repair are the people you need to contact. For the past 14 years, they’ve helped people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and are ready assist you, beginning with a free estimate. Contact All Pro Door Repair at 972-624-1515.

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